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Web Application Development

Why choose JSLancer for web application development?

With over ten years of experience in website development, JSLancer is a reliable partner who can assist you in developing web applications that are high performance, powerful, reliable, and secure. Our engineers always use the most up-to-date tools and technologies to ensure that your website works flawlessly across all browsers. Our strict workflow ensures your project is always completed on time while maintaining the highest code quality.
Our web application development services include software design and development, manual and automation testing, post-project support, and maintenance. Furthermore, our team of engineers and UI/ UX designers will assist you in selecting the most appropriate technologies and designing the interfaces that users love the most.
Strong engineer team
Strict workflow
Cross-browser testing
Automation testing
Modern task management software
Consistent delivery by following CI/CD approaches
Post-project support and maintenance

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Web Application Development Offerings

Frontend development service
Frontend development service
Build user-rich experience single page applications using ReactJS and NextJS technologies.
API development
API development
Build high-performance, secure, and reliable Restful and GraphQL API with NodeJS.
SaaS Development Services
SaaS Development Services
We provide a complete solution for building your next successful SaaS
MVP development
MVP development
We develop the MVP version to test your idea against the market in a very short time.

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Portfolio of Web Applications


Fivegrid is a SaaS solution that streamlines digital marketing campaign activation and administration across various channels such as Search, Social, and Native Display.

They assist companies of all kinds and types in realizing the full potential of digital media and, via automation, make multichannel digital advertising more accessible.

Their platform is compatible with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Verizon Media, Taboola, LinkedIn, and a variety of other channels.

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JSLancer works as a frontend development consultant at Fivegrid. Our goal is to translate Fivegrid's incredible work into the most user-friendly interface possible so that users have a better experience. As a result, Fivegrid will accomplish their objective and provide a fundamental value to the globe.

What kind of project you can develop?
Our web application development service can help you develop these kinds of websites:
‒ SaaS
‒ Ecommerce
‒ Landing page
‒ Website portal
‒ Internal tools
How much does it cost to develop a project?
In order to provide the cost of a project, we will need to know the following:
‒ Your UI/UX design
‒ A detailed description of your project.
‒ The technologies that you want to use in the project.
‒ The time you want to complete the project.
How long does it take you to complete a project?
The completion time will vary depending on the complexity of each project. Small projects typically take 2 to 3 weeks to complete. MVP projects will take 1 to 2 months to complete. And for larger projects, the time frame will be three months or longer.
Do you provide post-project support?
After completing the project, our engineering team will continue to support you in the following ways:
‒ Answer technical questions related to the project
‒ Technical support, bug fix, or new feature development.
‒ Advising on necessary changes to increase the security and performance of the project.
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