My team

If You Want To Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want To Go Far, Go Together

We are a team of expert Javascript developers. We focus on produce high quality products and bring business value for customers.

We are close friends. We understand and trust each other. Because we have a long time working together, we can discuss and provide the solution quickly. I work on the front-end, Thang works on backend. Together, we can challenge any projects from small to big.

About David: I am also the owner of this blog. I have 4 years experience in front-end development. I work with both AngularJS and ReactJS. I started with AngularJS and almost fell in love and created countless successful projects with AngularJS. Currently, I prefer to use React & Redux stack. Beside of coding and blogging, I spent to to help other people to learn front-end development.

About Thang: Thang is my friend from high school. He taught himself programming since 16 years old. He excel in backend development and he loves to use NodeJS & MongoDb. He is also a experience with front-end developer.



Do you have 5 minutes? Let's discuss about your project or anything in Javascript.