My first React Native app

I have used various Javascript framework for mobile app like Ionic, Ionic 2 and NativeScript. I even used jQuery mobile to create a simple app. Those frameworks are greatly marketed and always promise about that performance of their app. And guess what? Their app is still a website wrapped in a mobile shell and never […]

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Why Immutable ?

React component use state and prop to render and it tracks changes of state and prop to re-render the component. There are many techniques to optimize the performance of re-rendering process and immutable is one of the technique. The problem of object equality in Javascript. It is hard to check the equality of objects in Javascript. […]

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Explore Angular 2 Router

Angular 2 router demo

Thanks to the ability of share link, websites has been very popular from the day it was born. That’s why the abilities to create link and handle application state base on browser’s url are very important for any web framework. In Angular 1, we usually work with ngRoute and ui-router. These library works well, but because […]

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